Life Skills

Promoting life skills among young care leavers is the key to empowering them with autonomy. These vital skills encompass financial literacy, cooking, self-care, and more. By providing comprehensive life skills training, Skills4Life equips them with the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate adulthood successfully. This empowerment not only fosters self-sufficiency but also enhances their overall well-being. The Skills4Life initiative prioritizes life skills education for care leavers, enabling them to take control of their lives and reach their full potential.

Unemployment Rate in Europe

The unemployment rate among young care leavers in Europe is a pressing concern. These vulnerable individuals often face additional barriers to entering the labor market due to their unique life experiences. High unemployment rates among care graduates not only hinder their financial independence, but also affect their overall well-being. It is critical for governments and organizations to implement targeted employment support programs and create inclusive employment opportunities. By addressing this issue, Skills4Life can empower young care leavers to overcome these barriers, find a job and build promising futures.

Our Support

Young care leavers deserve our full support. As they transition into adulthood without the safety net of a stable family, they face unique challenges. Housing, education and employment can present discouraging hurdles. Emotional and financial support are critical. These vulnerable people have untapped potential, and with the right resources, they can thrive. Skills4Life provides guidance, mentorship, and a helping hand.

Welcome to the Skills4Life project

We are happy to invite you to get some information on the Skills4Life project.
Skills4Life – Promoting the Transition to Active Life through Gamification and Game-Based Learning focuses on supporting care leavers through the development, testing and evaluation of the Skill4Life Serious Games and the design of a learning environment for further training for adult educators who support and promote care leavers.
It is integrated in the ERASMUS+ programme as a cooperation partnerships in adult education.
We are happy to discuss with you on the project, the learning platform and the gaming approach as well as on the topic of carleavers and sustainable ways to support them.

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