Work Package 3: Skills4Life Training Package for Adult Educators

The main objective of Work Package 3 is the development of the Skills4Life Training Package for Adult Educators. The Training Package for Adult Educators includes:

  • Handbook

The Handbook on the Development of Transition to Autonomy Programs aims to help educators, social workers and professionals working with young adults in residential and/or alternative care settings to build successful autonomy programmes that promote both social and personal empowerment. Personal autonomy programmes involve a process in which individuals get to know themselves better, recognise their potential, interests and passions, and set strategies and goals to achieve their own goals and realise themselves in all areas. It needs flexibility to connect individuals with their expectations for the future.

  • In-Service Training

The programme aims to provide a tailor-made training programme for adult educators, community educators and social workers to support the implementation of the project outcomes in a variety of contexts. The structure of the curriculum provides a transdisciplinary approach to training and ensures a logical progression of knowledge.

  • LTTA – Learning Teaching Training Activity

This short term training event is particularly important as it aims to:

Strengthen the EU dialogue on preparing young adults in care for personal and social autonomy,
Promote transnational participation in the debate on the importance of developing innovative solutions for the development of key skills for autonomy among young adults in care through game-based learning,
Provide participants with opportunities to learn about and interact with other cultures,
Provide opportunities for knowledge exchange with participants from other EU countries
promote active and experiential learning.